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We are dedicated to recruiting the finest personnel for virtually all segments of the warehouse / manufacturing industries.  These include but not limited to the following:


Our partnership with our Clients is a strategic investment
Given the ever-changing landscape of business today, there is rarely a single answer to the complex hiring needs of our diverse Clients. What may prove a beneficial and successful approach for one Client may not produce those same results for another.
Wow Personnel is a full-service staffing solution that meets and exceeds the staffing challenges of our Clients. At Wow Personnel, we understand your business requires a tailor-made, unique solution for your hiring needs.
At Wow Personnel, we are committed to consistently enhancing our Clients' ability to make good hiring decisions, which ultimately determines the performance capacity of your organization. These value-added services simplify the hiring process and enhance the quality of service provided to our Clients.


In a troublesome economy, we put people to work
Through our extensive contacts with numerous quality Clients, we are able to "open doors" for our temporary employees who desire an opportunity to succeed. During our interview process, we determine your needs, wants, and desires to determine which of our opportunities would be a good fit for you.
We provide jobs with the flexibility to match virtually any lifestyle, whether you want to work full-time or part-time, a long-term position with career potential, or a short-term assignment to make some extra money. Whether you want to work in an office or a factory, blue collar or white collar, Wow Personnel has the opportunity for you.

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  • Packers
  • Fork Lift Drivers
  • Administrative/Front Office
  • Customer Service Specialists
  • Machine Operators
  • Mechanics
  • General Laborers
  • Many more General Warehouse positions